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Welcome to Debt Solutions Singapore. Our mission is to help thousands of people to be debt free.


We understand being in debts in never easy especially when living in Singapore. There are various reasons why people are in debt. With Debt Solutions Singapore, we will study your case and provide you solutions to your debts. We can guarantee that after your FREE consultation with us, we will provide you a solution for your debt problems.


The common solution that people used to clear debts is probably paying the minimum payment sum every month. This is the incorrect approach as it only repays the interest and not the principal sum. At Debt Solution Singapore, we provide you alternatives to clear your debts so you can have an ease of mind. No one will be better to advise you about debt repayment other than our debt educators. We have experienced what the feeling is like when in debt and what it feels after clearing it. We walk the talk and will guide you step by step to be debt free. Book a FREE consultation with us so we can help you solve your problems. The choice is yours. To be in debt or debt free.

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Criteria for your debt solution

We understand that debts can be stressful and we are here to help you. The debt solution is for those who fall into these categories.

Outstanding Credits Card Debts – This is the most common debts. User has multiple credit cards from various banks. User usually pays the minimum sum of the credit card each month and uses the credit from the other card to pay off the first card

Debts with Licensed Money Lender – Creditor

Hire Purchase Debt

Bank Loans

Unsecured Debts

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you will have burning questions to ask us. Here are some answers to your questions

What is Debt Solution Singapore all about?

Debt Solution Singapore is an affiliate partner of EduDebt with a common goal in mind. To free thousands of people from debt and start a new life again. Our debt educators are here to help and provide solutions to your debt problems.

Is Debt Solution Singapore a money lender?

We are definitely not a money lender. We provide a service to manage your debts and prepare a repayment scheme so you are able to repay your debts and be debt free.

Do you provide debt solution for smes?

Yes. We not only provide debt solution to individuals but we also provide solution for smes.

Is your solution the same as consolidated plan?

Our solution is called Debt Repayment Scheme( DRS) and it is different from consolidated plan. Our solution do not have any interest incurred.

How much do we need to pay?

The amount to pay depends on the amount of debts that is accumulated. The amount varies and it is case by case basis. Do consult us for FREE consultation.

I am keen to know more. What should I do now?

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